Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Albuquerque Dentist Advises Extreme Caution When Using Toothpicks

An Albuquerque dentist like Peak Family Dentistry often recommends floss over toothpicks due to the latter’s potential to damage the gums. Of the four jaw samples studied, one jaw virtually had zero teeth when it was recovered, suggesting that this hominid lived the rest of his nomadic life on soft food. The Dmanisi, researchers suggested, must have used toothpicks to the point of hastening the wearing of their teeth. This was probably done for pain relief.

Despite dentists recommending floss, toothpicks aren’t necessarily out of the question; in fact, one study shows that floss and toothpicks aren’t much better than each other in improving gum health. Nevertheless, a professional Albuquerque dentist recommends caution when using toothpicks to prevent unnecessary damage.


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