Saturday, December 14, 2013

Albuquerque Cosmetic Dentistry Offices Discuss Tooth Erosion from Soda

Another problem that drinking too much soda could bring about is tooth discoloration. Sodas, coffee, and wines can stain your teeth since its outer enamel layer is porous and staining agents can easily get in and accumulate. Luckily, simply visiting dental offices that practice cosmetic dentistry in Albuquerque like the Peak Family Dentistry can help you bring back the bright smile you once had.

If your teeth are stained, a reputable Albuquerque cosmetic dentist can help you whiten them through supervised whitening, which involves gently cleaning teeth and whitening them with products. Although there are kits you could buy to do the whitening yourself, you should consult with a dentist first to find out if these products could do you more harm than good.

Boost Your Self Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry in Albuquerque

The technology available to dental patients can do wonders for a person’s smile; if someone lost a tooth due to cavities or strenuous physical activities, a dental implant can be put in place of the lost tooth. Teeth whitening technology can now bring teeth up to eight shades whiter than it was before. Dental reshaping and resizing, alongside dental bonding, can be almost miraculous for a person’s misaligned teeth. A perfect set of teeth will encourage a person to smile more, which will attract positivity around him this holiday season. Patients who want to experience an immediate confidence boost through cosmetic dentistry can approach a reliable Albuquerque cosmetic dentist like Peak Family Dentistry to learn more about the wonders of cosmetic dentistry.

Friday, December 13, 2013

How An Albuquerque Dentist Helps Those with Untreated Dental Problems

While visiting a trusted dentist in Albuquerque like the ones from Peak Family Dentistry will help cut down the overall number of people with oral problems, doing so is also for your own good as problems like these will definitely get worse and demand more complicated treatment.

Tooth decay, for example, is an important concern that should be addressed right away before they turn into bigger cavities and cause tooth aches. Tooth decay, in general, can be prevented simply by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Oh My Gum: How A Dentist in Albuquerque Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

It is imperative that a person’s gums remain healthy, as there are a lot of complications that can arise from poor gum health. Fortunately, you can trust in certified and trusted professionals to ensure your gums will remain healthy. Visiting a trusted Albuquerque dentist is important for everyone, especially for seniors, in order to have a healthy mouth and lifestyle. Patients interested in gum care can consult dental clinics like Peak Family Dentistry, as their personnel can offer expert opinions on gum treatment and maintenance.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cosmetic Dentistry in Albuquerque: A Necessity for the Modern Man

Researchers from leading universities in Australia, Scotland, and England recently conducted a study on the historical development of oral bacteria, using prehistoric human skeletons from northern Europe. The results of their study suggest that oral bacteria in today's human population are much less diverse than that of historic populations, a factor that could account for the various oral diseases that plague humanity at present. Tooth decay, gingivitis, and dental caries are among the many ailments that modern people's teeth are usually afflicted with. This is why most of the more than 500,000 people in the City of Albuquerque in New Mexico depend on their dental practitioners for both general and cosmetic dentistry services. While general dentistry can help them fight oral health problems, cosmetic dentistry in Albuquerque focuses more on restoring or maintaining the aesthetics and function of their teeth.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Discovery Can Help Your Albuquerque Dentist Address Your Gum Problems Better

University of Michigan Medical School researchers, Dr. Yizu Jiao and Dr. Naohiro Inohara, along with their colleagues from the School of Dentistry have finally isolated the actual bacterium that causes periodontal disease. While scientists have always been certain that a bacterial infection causes gum problems, they weren't exactly sure as to which microorganism is the culprit. The researchers, using mouse models to conduct their study, finally managed to mark and identify the bacteria called NI1060. Periodontal Disease in a Nutshell Periodontal disease is a condition exhibited by progressive bone loss around the teeth. It is classified based on severity, such as early periodontitis, for instance, which causes gum bleeding and localized gum recession, and advanced periodontitis that already involves gum inflammation and tooth loss. If, during the course of your daily life in the Duke City, you happen to encounter some of these symptoms, you should have your mouth checked by a tru