Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Discovery Can Help Your Albuquerque Dentist Address Your Gum Problems Better

University of Michigan Medical School researchers, Dr. Yizu Jiao and Dr. Naohiro Inohara, along with their colleagues from the School of Dentistry have finally isolated the actual bacterium that causes periodontal disease. While scientists have always been certain that a bacterial infection causes gum problems, they weren't exactly sure as to which microorganism is the culprit. The researchers, using mouse models to conduct their study, finally managed to mark and identify the bacteria called NI1060. Periodontal Disease in a Nutshell Periodontal disease is a condition exhibited by progressive bone loss around the teeth. It is classified based on severity, such as early periodontitis, for instance, which causes gum bleeding and localized gum recession, and advanced periodontitis that already involves gum inflammation and tooth loss. If, during the course of your daily life in the Duke City, you happen to encounter some of these symptoms, you should have your mouth checked by a tru

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